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It is often easy to give most of our attention to physical illnesses and ignore the emotional and mental health disorders. In many cases mental illness can be more dangerous than physical ailment and could worsen the prognosis. The increasing scientific data shows a strong connection between mental health and medical illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. The burden of mental illness can be seen in many phases of an individual's life. It impacts both the mind and body. Poor mental health can lead to relationship disturbances, low/inferior work performance, and other social inhibitions.
It is important to recognize the significance of mental illness, get accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. My goal at Vital Psychiatry is to provide you with the highest level of mental health care.

Tejpal Singh M.D, FAPA

Board Certified ABPN




Frequently Asked Questions

Initial Evaluation (Intake Appointment)

The first meeting will last approximately 60-90 minutes. We will discuss the chief complaint and issues that led you to seek psychiatric services.

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Medication Refills

If you are running out of medication between the visit, please contact me at least five days before you run out.

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As a private practitioner, I do not have continuous "crisis management" services other than myself.

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