These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding how we work


Office hours are by appointment only. Weekend appointments available. Please call to schedule an appointment.


The first meeting will last approximately 60-90 minutes. We will discuss the chief complaint and issues that led you to seek psychiatric services. We will talk about presenting problems, past medical/psychiatric history, social history, and family history. Usually, by the end of our first meeting the goal is to provide you our impression/assessment and if and how we may be able to help you. Once we have the relevant clinical information, we may be able to form an initial treatment plan by the end of our first meeting. However, in certain circumstances additional meeting(s) may be needed to fully develop a treatment plan. For those seeking counseling service with Ms. Goerdt, a brief phone intake can be arranged (free of charge) to ensure that the type of counseling offered at VPA will be a good fit for your needs.


The frequency of follow up sessions depends on various factors:

  • If you are seeing us mainly for medication management, the usual follow up is 20-30 minute. These visits may occur as frequently as weekly (during initial medication trial/medication adjustment phase) to as infrequently as every 3 months.
  • If you are seeing us for counseling/psychotherapy, the usual meeting session lasts for 50 minutes. These sessions are more frequent/regular (~2-4 times a month).

Please note the exact structure of follow up depends on individual case.


If you are running out of medication between the visit, please contact the office at least five days before you run out. This allows us enough time to access your records and call you prescription(s). As Dr. Singh may be out of office when he receives your request for a refill, please provide the following information in your message to quickly get your medication filled:

  • Your full name and date of birth
  • Your phone number, pharmacy name and phone number
  • Full medication name (Ex: Wellbutrin SR or XL; Paxil CR)
  • Medication Strength (Ex: 150mg, 300mg, 10mg, 5mg)
  • The exact way you take your medication (Ex: one tablet in morning and 1/2 tablet in evening

Please note if you leave a message and we do not have all this information. We will not be able to call you prescription until we reach the office, which may delay the refill for several days.


Vital Psychiatry Associates, does not have continuous "crisis management" services other than myself. If you anticipate or have had a history of needing frequent crisis services, you may be better served by working with an agency that can provide more comprehensive coverage from variety of professionals. We can discuss it during our initial visit.

I make every effort to be available to my patients during crisis/urgent situations and encourage you to contact me whenever a crisis occurs. You may take the following steps in case of an emergency:

  • During the regular day time hours Monday - Sunday 9:00AM - 5PM, first call my office number (703) 829-0593. If I do not answer, leave a brief message stating your emergency. I will make every effort to reach you as soon as possible.
  • If you did not reach me at the office, or if its after hours call my cell phone (Will be provided at the first visit). If I do not answer, please leave a voice message.
  • If you still have not reached me and have not heard back from me quickly, during your emergency, please do the following:
    1. Go to the nearest hospital or emergency room or Call 911
  • Please note having strong thoughts or impulses to harm yourself or others is a medical emergency; in such situation it is totally appropriately to contact 911 or seek help at an emergency room.


The practice operates on fee-for service model and accepts few insurance plans at this time. Please call to verify if your insurance plan is accepted.

Current Participating Insurances:

-Blue Cross Blue Shield

Subject to change please, call to verify our office.

All payments are due at the time of the service.


The cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Cancellation 24 hours or more prior to an appointment: No Charge
  • Cancellation less than 24 hours before appointment: $ 75 charge
  • Cancellation without notice (no show): Full Charge (per nature of scheduled visit)
  • The associated fee must be paid prior to rescheduling an appointment

In case of extreme weather conditions VPA will notify you of clinic closing and reschedule an appointment.

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